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Director, Technology Development Division; 

Associate Director and Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division; 

Deputy Director of the Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone and Joint DiseasesExpert in Basic Science & Clinical Translational Medicine in Orthopedics & Traumatology


Dr. Zhang Ge experienced his M.D. training in orthopedics & traumatology from Joint Program of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2000 to 2003. After obtaining his M.D. in Orthopedics & Traumatology, Dr. Zhang Ge had started his postdoctoral research in Department of Orthopedics & Traumatology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2004 to 2006. Thereafter, Dr. Zhang Ge was appointed as Research Assistant Professor by Department of Orthopedics & Traumatology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. In 2012, Dr. Zhang Ge joined Hong Kong Baptist University. His research focus is in basic science & clinical translational research in orthopedics & traumatology, including osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, fracture repair osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Zhang has leaded his group to publish a series of research work in Nature MedicineArthritis & Rheumatism, Journal of Bone & Mineral ResearchBone and Osteoporosis International. Please refer to his lab (http://www.gezhanglab.com/index.php). 

An outstanding researcher, Dr. Zhang research interests focus on the clinical evaluation with RCT focusing on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with TCM pattern diagnosis, standardization of Chinese medicine diagnosis, the association of Chinese medicine with the outcome of disease treatment, and research and development of new drugs. He has carried out several major research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC and so on. Prof Lu has published more than 300 articles and obtained more than 40 patents.

Dr. Zhang is regarded as a leading figure in the standardization of Chinese medicine diagnosis. Not only has he earned international reputation for his work, his distinguished achievements are also widely recognized through numerous awards and prizes received over years.

Funded Projects

Project 1

Title: Therapeutic RNAi targeting CKIP-1 to  reverse severe postmenopausal osteoporosis

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong  General Research Fund

Project ID: HKBU 479111

Exercise Year: 2011/2012

Approved Project Duration: 30 months

Project Fund: HK$ 920,000

Coordinator: Dr. Baosheng  Guo (Ph.D.)

Project 2

Title: Toward an emerging paradigm of network  medicine: An innovative platform to combinational herbs /

          compounds-based drug discovery for  complex diseases

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping  Lu (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Interdisciplinary  Research Matching Scheme (IRMS) of Hong Kong Baptist University

Project ID: RC-IRMS/12-13/02

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 3,000,000

Coordinator: Dr. Guang  Zheng (Ph.D.)

Project 3

Title: Skeletal role of CK2-interating  Protein-1 in Regulating Osteoblastic Bone Formation: Molecular

          Mechanism and Reversing Osteoporosis

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Research  Grants Council & Natural Science Foundation Council

Project ID: N_HKBU435/12

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: 48 months

Project Fund: HK$ 753,925

Coordinator: Dr. Baosheng  Guo (Ph.D.)

Project 4

Title: Study on molecular mechanism of bone  formation reduction in aged women: Functional role of


Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Natural  Science Foundation Council

Project ID: NSFC 81272045

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: RMB 700,000

Coordinator: Dr. Baosheng  Guo (Ph.D.)

Project 5

Title: Toward a novel bone anabolic strategy  for aged postmenopausal osteoporosis: Inhibiting miR-214

          inosteogenic cells for promoting bone  formation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong  General Research Fund

Project ID: HKBU 478312

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: 30 months

Project Fund: HK$ 950,000

Coordinator: Dr. Baosheng  Guo  (Ph.D.)

Project 6

Title: Development of aptamer-conjugated  Triptolide specifically targeting synovial cell

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Institute of  Basic Research in Clinical Medicine, China Academy of Chinese

                         Medical Sciences (Contract Study)

Project ID: SCM-2012-CR-001

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: N/A

Project Fund: RMB 500,000

Coordinator: Ms. Lei Dang  (B.Sc.)

Project 7

Title: Screening on anti-rheumatic herbal  medicines

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aiping Lu (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong Baptist University

Project ID: 33-12-903

Exercise Year: 2012/2013

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 1,000,000

Coordinator: Dr. Cheng Lu (Ph.D.)

Project 8

Title: Does aberrantly overexpressed casein  kinase-2 interacting protein-1 contribute to failure

         of osteoblast-mediated repair for bone  erosion in rheumatoid arthritis?

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aiping Lu  (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Kunshan RNAi  Institute (Contract Study)

Project ID: N/A

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: RMB 3,000,000

Coordinator: Dr. Xiaojuan  He (M.D.)

Project 9

Title: Understanding the molecular mechanism  in failure of osteoblast-mediated repair for articular

          bone erosion during progressive rheumatoid  arthritis: Role of casein kinase-2 interacting protein-1

          in controlling osteoblast function

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping  Lu (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Research  Grants Council

Project ID: HKBU 261113

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 606,223

Coordinator: Dr. Xiaojuan  He (M.D.)

Project 10

Title: Aptamer-functionalized  Osteoblast-targeting Delivery System for Osteogenic siRNAs to

         Achieve Cell-specific RNA interference  for Bone Anabolic Therapy

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Research  Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University

Project ID: FRG2/12-13/027

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 135,000

Coordinator: Mr. Chao Liang  (M.S.)

Project 11

Title: Metabolomics Analysis of Chinese  Medicine in Epidemic Encephalitis B prevention and


Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang (M.D.)

Funding Body: Institute of Basic Research in Clinical Medicine, China Academy of  Chinese

                         Medical  Sciences (Contract Study)

Project ID: SCM-2013-CR-001

Exercise Year: 2013~

Approved Project Duration: N/A

Project Fund: RMB 500,000

Coordinator: Ms. Lei Dang (B.S.)

Project 12

Title: Establishing the bridge for  translating cell-specific RNA interference to bone anabolic therapy:

         An aptamer-functionalized  osteoblast-targeting delivery system for osteogenic siRNAs

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Science and Technology  Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

Project ID: SCM-2013-SZTIC-001

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: RMB 300,000

Coordinator: Mr. Chao Liang  (M.S.)

Project 13

Title: Research and development of  triptolide-aptamer drug

Principal Investigator: Prof. AipingLu  (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: National  Science and Technology Major Projects for "major New Drugs Innovation and


Project ID: 2013ZX09301307

Exercise Year: 2013/2015

Approved Project Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: RMB 1,500,000

Coordinator: Dr. Xiaojuan  He (M.D.)

Project 14

Title: A unique platform for drug discovery  of combinational drugs / Chinese herbal medicines / compounds

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping  Lu (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong Baptist University  Strategic Development Fund

Project ID: SDF13-1209-P01

Exercise Year: 2014/2017

Approved Project Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: HK$ 3,000,000

Coordinator: Dr. Guang  Zheng (Ph.D.)

Project 15

Title: Role of MiR-214 within Osteoclast in  Regulating Osteoblastic Bone Formation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang  (M.D.)

Funding Body: Research  Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University

Project ID: FRG2/13-14/006

Exercise Year: 2014/2016

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 135,000

Coordinator: Dr. Defang  Li (Ph.D.)

Project 16

Title: The  Development of Chinese Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines in Hong Kong

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping  LU (M.D., Ph.D.) & Prof. Zhaoxiang BIAN (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Hospital  Authority

Project ID: HA 820/126/19/19/14/6/12/1

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project Duration: 15 months

Project Fund: HK$ 444,320

Coordinator: Ms. Nannan Shi  (M.Phil.)

Project 17

Title: Cell-specific Aptamer Facilitates Triptolide Selectively Targeting Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes and Specifically

Reducing Exposure to Liver Cells

Principal  Investigator: Prof. Aiping LU (M.D., Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Research  Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University

Project  ID:  30-12-286

Exercise Year: 2013/2014

Approved Project  Duration: 18 months

Project Fund: HK$ 131,100

Coordinator: Dr. Cheng Lu (Ph.D.)

Project 18

Title: Role of  miR-214 from Osteoclast in Regulating Osteoblastic Bone Formation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang (M.D.)

Funding Body: Interdisciplinary Research Matching Scheme (IRMS) of Hong Kong  Baptist University

Project ID: RC-IRMS/13-14/02

Exercise Year: 2014/2015

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 2,981,576

Coordinator: Dr. Defang  Li (Ph.D.)

Project 19

Title: Aptamer-functionalized  osteoblast-targeting delivery system for osteogenic siRNAs to achieve

cell-specific  RNA interference for bone anabolic therapy

Principal  Investigator: Dr. Ge Zhang (M.D.)

Funding Body: Hong Kong  General Research Fund (GRF)

Project  ID:  12102914

Exercise Year: 2014/2015

Approved Project  Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: HK$ 1,035,000

Coordinator: Mr. Chao Liang  (M.S.)

Project 20

Title: Characterization  of Linkage between Symbiotic Gut Microbes and Fatty Acid Metabolism in

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping LU (M.D., Ph.D.) & Prof. Cai  Zongwei  (Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Interdisciplinary Research Matching Scheme (IRMS) of Hong Kong  Baptist University

Project ID: RC-IRMS/13-14/03

Exercise Year: 2014/2015

Approved Project Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 2,944,160

Coordinator: Dr. Cheng Lv  (Ph.D.)

Project 21

Title: Toward Targeted Therapy In Advanced  Pancreatic Cancer: A Smart Triptolide-Nucleolin Aptamer

         Conjugate (UIM/256)

Principal  Investigator: Prof. Aiping  Lu

Funding Body: Hong Kong  Innovation and Technology Fund

Project  ID:  UIM/256

Exercise Year: 2014/2016

Approved Project  Duration: 24 months

Project Fund: HK$ 2,339,560

Coordinator: Mr. Biao Liu  (M.S.)

Project 22

Title:Toward Cell-targeted Therapeutics in Osteosarcoma: a Smart Triptolide-aptamer Conjugate

Principal Investigator: Prof. Aiping Lu (M.D., Ph.D.) and Prof. Dean Guo (Ph.D.)

Funding Body: Croucher Foundation

Project ID: Gnt#CAS14BU/CAS14201

Exercise Year: 2014/2016

Approved Project Duration: 36 months

Project Fund: HK$ 1,200,000

Coordinator: Dr. Defang Li (Ph.D.) and Mr. Chao Liang (M.S.)



  Dr. William Chi Shing TAI (Ph.D.)

  Research Assistant Professor  

  Molecular Cancer Biology / Proteomics

  Email: wcstai@hkbu.edu.hk

  Dr. Baosheng Guo (Ph.D.)

  Research Assistant Professor  

  Clinical Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal Science  

  Email: borisguo@hkbu.edu.hk

  Mr. Jin Liu (B.M. & M.M.S.)

  Ph.D. Student  

  Orthopedics Surgery  

  Email: drlausums@gmail.com

  Mr. Chao Liang (M.S.)


  Ph.D. Student  

  Molecular & Cellular Biology  

  Email: liangchao512@163.com


  Mr. Biao Liu (M.S.)

  Research Assistant / Ph.D. Student


  Email: liubiao@hkbu.edu.hk


  Mr. Bing He (M.S.)

  Ph.D. Student  


  Email: hebinghb@gmail.com


  Mr. Brandon Chan

  Ph.D. Student  

  Molecular Biology

  Email: 11467363@life.hkbu.edu.hk

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